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Your Best Body is some online motivation to start exercising and keep doing it. I approach exercise in the areas of yoga, pilates, boxing, strength work, skipping, running/walking/jogging and meditation.

I post motivation, exercises + workouts, food pictures, recipes, my own thoughts, and people's progress pictures.

I hope to inspire you and myself, as I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and treasure my body. Check out my tabs for all of my tips + tricks!

Anonymous: You seriously don't know who that is?

No freaking idea! Couldn’t even tell if he was Aussie or American or Brazilian or whichever race haha, just that he was gorgeous. Fill me in? x

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no kidding, this photo has been in the back of my mind for about 4-5 years now and I just came across this post on tumblr.
seriously, if anyone knows who this is, tell meeeeeeeeeeee! most gorgeous boy I have ever seen (right alongside paul walker ♥ :’( )
but for real, if someone can tell me who this is, I’ll chuck you a promo or two or three or four or infinity. reblogging this forever.


tbh this is great. I rely too much on 20 minute routines (which is fair enough considering my fitness has gone downhill), but I need to beef them up to actually get to that calorie burn stage.and also, 40 minutes is incredibly doable!!
mango, watermelon + passionfruit smoothie

1 mango
1 large (2 medium) pieces of watermelon
1 scoop passionfruit sorbet
handful frozen mango pieces
3 tbls natural yoghurt
swig of soy/skim/almond/whatever milk

blend them up and you get this funky ass mango smoothie! 

excuse the colour of the smoothie in the straw, the straw was blue and made it look manky. and I would’ve taken a better photo but kept drinking it because it tasted too good!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Quinoa with Mushrooms and Pomegranate

Orange is the New Black: Childhood Edition

aw young khleo and shia, memories of this are all coming back to me. so damn cute!