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beauty through yoga,

Note: I have left some exercises out that I felt weren’t applicable to me.


Through the following Aasan the facial skin becomes soft, wrinkle free, and starts glowing with radiance. The black circles under the eyes vanish and the cheeks become pink. The face is filled with a magnetic attraction.


Stand straight and move your feet apart, about one foot. First cover your face with your palms and breathe fast and deep, ten times. Next rub the face, the eyes, the forehead with your fingers and breathe fast ten times. By this exercise the face will start glowing with an attraction. After this rub the skin of the whole face, starting from the chin to the fore-head. Keep breathing deeply. By this exercise the wrinkles on the face shall vanish and it shall acquire a healthy look.


By performing the following Aasan a corpulent neck can be given a beautiful shape and all the wrinkles on it shall disappear.


Place your feet firmly on the ground. Keep your body erect and without moving your shoulders try to turn your neck to the left as much as you can. Then move the neck to the right. Repeat this exercise ten times.

Next turn the neck to the right with a jerk ten times & then to the left, also ten times. After this turn your face up and your head backwards and then bend it forwards, trying to touch the chest with your chin. Repeat this exercise three times.

Through these exercises your neck shall become rid of extra fat and will become shapely.

By performing this exercise regularly, within a week the breasts start becoming prominent and gain a well moulded shape.


Through this exercise the extra fat of the stomach gets dissolved. Women who have gained weight due to over-eating and pregnancy can try these exercises.


Stand straight with the feet placed about one foot apart. Then bend forward and touch your toes with your fingertips, without bending your knees. You may not succeed in performing this exercise in the first attempt but try to bend as much as you can and in a few days you shall be able to touch your toes. One should remember not to bend the knees.

When you succeed in performing this exercise, next try to touch your left toe with your right hand & your right toe with the left hand without bending the knees. After you are able to perform the second exercise as well, try to bend forward so as to touch the floor with the palms of your hands.

Through this exercise all fat around the stomach region disappears.


Until the waist of a woman is slim & free from excess fat, all her beauty seems to be in vain. Through this Aasan the waist can be given an attractive shape.


Place the feet about one foot apart and spread the hands sideways in the level of the shoulders, parallel to the ground. Then turn your upper torso to the left from your waist upwards, so that you can easily look behind. The feet should remain firmly on the ground. Then come back to the starting position and turn to your right. Repeat ten times.

In the next step turn to your left with a jerk and then to your right. Repeat twenty times.

Then place the hands on the waist and bend forwards so that your face touches your thighs. Repeat twenty times.

Thus by performing these exercises, your waist shall become free of all excess fat and will become beautiful & shapely.


The thighs should neither be too fat and nor should they be too slim. By this exercise the thighs, gain a well proportioned shape.


Stand straight and spread your hands forward parallel to the ground. Then bend your knees and go into a posture as if you are sitting on a chair. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground and the back should be erect. Try to remain in this position for 3 minutes. This posture is similar to “Horse Trance” which is also practised by the martial arts experts.

After performing this exercise for a few days, carry it out eight to ten times daily. Through this exercise your thighs shall get rid of excess fat and will gain a well proportioned shape.

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